Will we ever have to share with other people?

Never! You’ll always have the whole property to yourself, even when you book our 1 Bedroom option.

Is Seafire suitable for young children?

For safety reasons, we welcome infants under the age of 10 months and children over 10 years only.

Can we stay for less than the 4 day minimum?

Yes, we will accept shorter stays, usually with a small ‘short stay’ surcharge to help us amortise the high cost of cleaning in such a remote (and stunning) spot.

Can we bring our dog?

Unfortunately no as Seafire is too fragile for bouncy dogs. There are also resident kangaroos and other native animals living nearby (including fur seals) which are not at all fond of K9 company. If you’d like to take the furkids on holiday with you, check out Yondah Beach House which is absolutely gorgeous and pet-friendly!

How far is the house from the beach?

The house is only about 50 metres from the top of path that leads down to the beach, however this path is new and not yet ‘stepped’ so it might be a challenge for anyone who’s not reasonably mobile.

How far is Seafire Beach House from Yondah Beach House?

The houses are a good half kilometre apart and completely invisible from each other because Seafire is tucked into the dunes right on the ocean edge. Each property sits within its own 150 acre coastal wilderness and the boundaries are well marked. This means that you will never be disturbed by neighbouring guests during your stay. 

Is it easy to access Seafire's beach?

Yes, but as this path is new and not yet fully ‘stepped’, it might be a challenge for anyone who’s not reasonably mobile. Children should be supervised at all times. 

Is it safe to swim?

The beaches and rockpools are perfect for paddling and snorkelling but deep water swimming is not safe – this coastline is known for its strong currents and its wildlife, including sharks.

How long does it take to get to Seafire?

It’s an easy 3 hour drive from Gepps Cross (on the northern side of Adelaide), and about 2 hours from Port Wakefield which is located at the top of Gulf St Vincent.

What are the roads like?

Not terrific but hey it’s an adventure right? You can stay on the bitumen almost all the way but the last 20km are graded gravel roads.

Are there any shops nearby?

The nearest shop for basic groceries, takeaway food and petrol is in Marion Bay which is 26km away.

Is cleaning included?

It certainly is. We don’t like those hidden cleaning fees either.

Is there internet?

Yes! Seafire has an NBN satellite service which you can use for free to download your emails etc and to view Netflix etc.

Will my mobile work?

Yes, it should work most of the time if you’re with Telstra. Other carriers are more reliable near towns.

Is there good TV reception in the house?

Considering Seafire’s remoteness, the TV reception is surprisingly good and you can access all the main channels on all three SmartTVs.

Is there a BBQ?

There’s an electric Dimplex BBQ and wash-up sink in the courtyard alcove. You’ll also be able to enjoy cooking on the Escea charcoal cook-in fireplace when it’s operational during the cooler months.

When are the wood fires operational?

From May to September inclusive when there are no SA fire bans. Outside of these months, both the Danish-style wood heater in the living room and the Escea outdoor fireplace are closed to prevent bushfire.

Do we have to bring our own firewood?

No. The Danish-style wood fire in the living room needs a particular kind of wood to prevent damage to the firebox. Therefore you’ll need to buy one of our firewood kits, but don’t forget that your first fire is complimentary – it will be all set and ready to go when you arrive (May to September inclusive). 

The Escea cook-in fireplace in the courtyard requires charcoal which we supply for a small fee to cover our costs.

Do we have to bring any bedding?

Not at all. You’re on holiday so you only need to bring your beach towels and favourite food and wines.

Can we drink the water?

All of Seafire’s water comes off the roof because there’s no mains water on southern Yorke Peninsula. Our tank water is regularly treated so it’s fine for washing etc, but we suggest you boil it before you drink it, or take a cask of drinking water with you.

What's in the kitchen?

Everything you’ll need is there including an underbench oven with ceramic hotplates, full-size fridge, dishwasher, microwave, coffeemaker, breadmaker and other small appliances plus cake tins, serving platters etc and basic pantry provisions.

How big is the fridge?

The fridge is a 710 litre Mitsubishi french door fridge so there’s plenty of room for all your goodies.

What sort of coffeemaker is there?

The coffeemaker is a Delonghi espresso and there’s a grinder there too. We don’t use pods because of their negative environmental impact.

How far away are the seals?

The small island just off Point Yorke is a regular haul-out spot for long-nosed fur seals. You can often see them with their pups from the nearby clifftop which is just a short stroll from Seafire.

Are there whales?

Yes there are! Between May and October, you may see humpback and southern right whales in Seafire’s bay. Sometimes they breach right out of the water.

Are there snakes?

Seafire is located in a remote natural environment, so yes, encounters with snakes are possible in the warmer months.

Is there a boat ramp nearby?

Yes, there’s a ‘natural’ boat ramp at Foul Bay which is about 3km away.

Is the fishing good?

Yes it is, but we don’t encourage fishing because it doesn’t align with our green ethos. We’d much rather you grab a snorkel and go play with the baby fish in one of the big rockpools!

Can our friends stay on the property with us in their caravan?

No we don’t permit anyone who isn’t a paying guest to stay overnight on the property.

Do you allow motorbikes or hunting?

No we don’t because these activities disturb the wildlife, damage the fragile coastal environment and raise safety issues for other people in the area.

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